About the Artist

Hi! Call me Dee! I am a digital illustrator from the Philadelphia, PA metro area.

I draw coloring pages, and I share them on this website. These coloring pages are for folks of all ages, especially adults and older teens.

Why are these coloring pages free?

My goal is to make coloring pages accessible because coloring is an excellent activity for all ages.

Coloring can be very relaxing and can be soothing for people with anxiety. It is a low-stress way to explore your creativity. Coloring helps with hand-eye coordination and can also help you express yourself through color.

Coloring pages are easy to pack up and take anywhere and are a quiet, low-tech way to pass the time.

If you are a beginner, this is a great place to give coloring a try.

I also encourage schools, art therapists, community groups, etc., to feel free to use the coloring pages found here. (See Terms of Use for more info)

As long as you have a printer, some paper, and something to color with, you can color the pictures on this site. Enjoy!

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